Thursday, February 08, 2007

My 2007 Credit Card Offers

Happy 2007! Yeah, I know it's already February, and my blogging has languished, but I have a treat for you---a run-down of the 25 credit card offers I've received in the first 39 days of 2007. Read 'em and weep:

Citi Diamond Preferred Card -- 0% on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months 10.24% APR + reward points for gift cards, merchandise.

Oh, look, I actually got this one twice.

Hey I got this one again, only this time with a $50 gift card and 0% on balance transfers for 15 months and an 11.24% APR. Interesting the differences between the two.

Black MasterCard BusinessCard from something called Val Corporation. That's a new one on me. 2.99% APR for life on balance transfers, 6% cash back or free travel. Sounds just like Advanta, I wonder if this is Advanta under another name.

And, here we go. The Advanta BusinessCard offer has the exact same terms and a similar-looking mailing, but without the appeal of the blackness of the card. I wouldn't swear they're the same, maybe one ripping off the other? Hard to say.

Citi PremierPass Card -- 0% on balance transfers for 15 months, plus a $100 gift card, plus travel points for purchases and flown miles. No annual fee, 14.24% APR. That's a pretty good one.

Capital One No Hassle Miles Ultra MasterCard -- 10,000 bonus miles with first purchase, 1.25 miles per dollar spent, 9.24% APR. Pretty good also.

O.K. I actually got that one twice.

Hey, check it out! I got that same Capital One card offered to me a different time with 20,000 bonus miles! Wait a second. I don't get the first 10,000 bonus miles until I've had the card a year and I don't get the second 10,000 until I've had it two years. My excitement has dissipated.

Hey, another one! Cap One sent me the same 20,000-mile bonus deal in a different envelope on a different day. This envelope was big and white and had a sticker on the front that looked like some sort of special delivery tag or something the airlines might slap on my baggage.

Capital One Visa Business Platinum Card -- This one came in a bigger yellow envelope with some bubble wrap inside, no doubt to cushion the fragile paper inside. 0% on purchases for a year, one mile per dollar, no straight answer on APR, could be really low or really high, pretty card designs to choose from. (I'm popping the bubble on my bubble wrap right now as I type this with just one hand.)

One more Capital One, this one with the most fun packaging, although the bubble wrap is hard to top. This time it came in a bigger envelope with a tabbed opening that you pull from left to right, sort of like a FedEx package. Guess what's inside? A regular Capital One envelope, which itself could have been mailed instead of using the envelope-in-an-envelope method. This offer's for the Capital One No Hassle Miles Visa Platinum -- 1 mile per dollar, 0% APR for the rest of 2007 on purchases and balance transfers, 9.99% APR.

I'll bet they have a lot of fun at Capital One coming up with new ways to make their packages look very official and enticing.

Discover Platinum -- 0% on purchases for 6 months, 0% on balance transfer for 15 months, APR of 11.99% after te intro period, plus the general Cashback bonus reward offer. That's nothing too special, Discover's not showing me any extra love here.

American Express twice offered me a Business Line of Credit which technically is not a credit card but is still in the ballpark, so I'm including it. 5.99% on up to $100,000.

United Mileage Plus Visa. I just cancelled this a little while ago; I'm not hopping on that train again (or plane I guess would be more appropriate).

My mortgage company twice sent me an offer for their credit card. I won't go in to who it is, although you might be able to guess.

American Express wants me to get additional cards to hand out like money lollipops to my family members. No.

First National Bank Omaha Gas Rewards Platinum Edition Visa Card -- Gotta love those long names. 3% rebate on gas, 1% rebate elsewhere, 9.99% APR, 0% for six months. Not bad. I don't get too much from these guys, wonder if they're upping their marketing efforts.

Bank of America Platinum Visa Business Card -- 0% on balance transfers for the rest of 2007, no firm answer on what my APR would be. No thanks.

Hilton HHonors American Express Card -- This is a good card, but I'm not a big traveler.

My former university wants to get me an alumni card. They used to try to give me a free blanet or something to sign on, this time nothing but fond feelings for my alma mater.

Juniper Platinum MasterCard at 8.99% fixed APR. Plus, five exciting card designs!

Starwood Preferred Guest Business Credit Card - Again, not a big traveler, but this is a good one too if you're a big traveler.

It's been a fruitful 2007 so far. If I had taken all those offers, it's conceivable I could have a 17 million dollar credit line right now.

That would be so cool.


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