Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Today's Credit Card Offer

Today's credit card offer is from Discover. Inside the envelope is a faux plastic card with some sort of blue bubble design. Very attractive, I'd be happy to see this pretty little card coming out of my wallet, but of course I don't apply for credit cards willy nilly. Let's see what Discover is offering today...

Unfortunately it appears this is a worse offer than I could get from Discover if I just applied online. They're giving me the lowest interest rate shown online and the standard 5% back on Get More purchases (the offer would be more attractive if they made it clear upfront exactly what these Get More purchases will be throughout the year) as well as the "up to" 1% Cashback Bonus on everything else.

HOWEVER, they're only offering me a 0% rate on purchases until February of 2007, when they offer a full year online. They are offering 0% balance transfers until September of '07, which is an upgrade over the online offer by about 3 months, but I don't need a BT. Maybe I shouldn't say this is a worse offer than what is online, it's just different, worse for me but maybe better for someone who's got a big balance to move to a 0% home.

I also received an American Express Membership Rewards booklet, geared toward electronics. I've only got about 10,000 points at the moment, let's see if I can get anything... ooh, if I had 520,000 points I could get this 50-inch plasma TV. What could I spent another $510,000 on really fast to get to that level? Hmmm. I'm going to have to ask for an increase in my credit line.

The only thing I can get in this catalog at the moment is a Panasonic 256MB SD memory card. Looks like that's for a digital video camera, or maybe a regular digital camera? Says "...lets you save video, digital still images, music and more." So could I use that in my regular digital camera? Sounds like it, but I'm not sure.

The only other thing in this catalog I'm close to is the Panasonic Clock Radio with built-in CD player for 11,000 points. Says it's MP3 compatible. I don't care about that; I just want it to wake me up.

Why's everything Panasonic? Or is that just on the low end of the rewards? Oh, wait, the whole catalog's Panasonic stuff. They must have some sort of deal with Amex to push their stuff in a separate catalog. I knew this wasn't all the stuff from Membership Rewards.

I love rewards.


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