Thursday, June 08, 2006

Credit Card Sent to My Pinky Toe!

Every so often I see a news story like this one about a 13-month-old baby getting solicited for a credit card. A while back I read one about someone sending their solicitation back with the name Stop Killing Trees as the name and they got a credit card back. And there was also one about the guy who ripped his credit card solicitation into tiny pieces then taped them back together and sent it in to see if he'd still get the card no questions asked. He did.

This is going to date me, but I remember back before MP3s and iPods. Back in those olden days, a lot of us would do the offers from BMG or Columbia House where you get 6 or 10 free CDS if you agree to buy 3 more or 6 more or whatever over the ensuing three years. I always went with BMG because it was a smaller commitment and even though you got fewer CDS, I calculated out that it was cheaper per CD once you factored in the ones you actually had to purchase as part of the commitment.

Armed with this information, I pulled a fast one on BMG. I made up a new first name (Roger) and sent BMG another application for free CDs, with my same address and everything. Soon I was getting double free CDS from BMG. Boy was I crafty. Gaming the sytem. Those suckers at BMG were eating out my hand.

It wasn't long before I started to get other mail sent to my fictitious alter ego, Roger. I considered getting a credit card in Roger's name, but I was too scared.

No real point to this story. Sorry if you read it all hoping for some greater wisdom that came from this experience.


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