Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bankrupt Woman Wins $350K from MasterCard

The winner of a national MasterCard sweepstakes giving $350,000 to the winner is a bankrupt woman who doesn't plan on using her credit cards anymore.

Lucy Backman, from the Milwaukee area, won MasterCard's "A Home for the Holidays" sweepstakes, which she was automatically entered into when she used her MasterCard debit card to pay for Weight Watchers.

It was a far cry from the bad luck that brought her into bankruptcy in the first place, when an uninsured drunk driver smashed into her car and crushed her foot. Backman makes her living as a bus driver, so the months of recovery led to bills piling up that she paid with her credit cards, which eventually resulted in her going bankrupt.

MasterCard might not like hearing that she'll be swearing off her credit cards for a while, but it's a pretty nice story to see that kind of money fall into the lap of someone who really needs it.


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