Monday, May 08, 2006

Revolutionary Wealth Book Review Posted

My boss Justin just posted his review of the new Alvin Toffler book Revolutionary Wealth here at Index Credit Cards. Toffler is the futurist who wrote the famous book Future Shock back in 1970 (which might be before you were born).

Justin usually only posts personal finance-related reviews on Index Credit Cards, and it's kind of a stretch to call Revolutionary Wealth a personal finance book, but it's a book that deals with potential world economics and how we might all be affected by them in the future, so the powers-that-be decided it made the grade to be included on the site.

Justin's a big reader, and he posts his non-personal finance reviews over at He's slogging through a book about Ben Franklin right now. He's sort of obsessed with Ben Franklin if you ask me.

I've been neglecting the blog but I'm going to be better.


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