Friday, April 14, 2006

There IS Mail Today! Whoopee!

I wasn't sure if they delivered the mail on Good Friday, but, goodness, they do! There are a lot of postal holidays, so you never know if the mail's going to show up or not. The mail's here, the stock market's closed, not sure if my bank's open.

What I got today was my mortgage bill, due May 1st. I kind of like getting my mortgage bill, because I've been pretty aggressive with it & I like seeing the principal go down somewhat substantially each month. I remember when I got my first house & paid my first mortgage bill--something like $35 came off of the principal. I thought there was some mistake. Luckily I showed it to my mom instead of making an ass out of myself by calling the mortgage company and demanding an explanation.

Also got a come-on for a second mortgage from SouthBanc Mortgage in Herndon, Virginia. They say I "have been pre-selected for up to $63,450.00 or more!!! No Equity Required!" Now that's bad writing there. Have I been pre-selected for up to $63,500.00, or have I been pre-selected for more than $63,450.00? It can't be both.

Oh, well. I'm not doing it anyway. See you Monday.


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