Thursday, April 13, 2006

Jackson Hole Lotta Money

You can't live in Jackson Hole or a lot of other places in Wyoming these days unless you've got the money, honey.

Now, while it may be beautiful, Wyoming is kind of in the middle of nowhere, which probably at one point made it a unique destination for rich people, until all the other rich people decided to get away from it all and showed up in Wyoming, too. Then it just became another place for rich people to mingle with other rich people.

I'm not knocking it. I'd like to be rich and buy a $17 million dollar house with custom heating vents, too. Well, maybe that's not how I'd spend my money, but I have no problem with getting rich.

What's a little depressing is to hear that no one without means can live in Jackson Hole anymore now that the richies have taken it over. They can come in each day to serve up the rich people's Eggs Benedict, but they can't live there.

That leaves me a little torn. It's a supply-and-demand world, and even more than that, it's a survival of the fittest world, at least in terms of whoever has a lot of money gets the best things. Unfortunately, the best things often mean nature and natural wonders that should be open to all. Buying up all the real estate in beautiful places, buying up the beaches, making fewer and fewer nice places for average people to live. Sometimes government limits this, by doing things such as public access parks and beaches, or by limiting home sizes like they've done in Jackson Hole, but for the most part the rich get their way.

I'm not sure where I was going with this, it's just an interesting topic to me.


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