Monday, April 10, 2006

Today's Mail 4/10/06

No credit card offers today. I have to say I'm surprised--I really don't get as many credit card offers mailed to me as I thought before I started tracking my mail like some sort of junk culture anthropologist.

I still got plenty of mail:

  • J&R Music World Computer World Everything World sent me a catalog. I don't shop with them, but used my American Express points to buy an iPod Nano from J&R (via the ShopAmex reward option that allows you to buy from anyone), so now I'm on J&R's list. (The ShopAmex option is nice in a way, because you have a greater selection, but for items like the Nano that aren't part of American Express' regular rewards program, you use twice as many points to get anything -- e.g., $300 Nano cost 60,000 points. I really wanted that Nano, though.)
  • Joe at Progressive Urban Real Estate would like me to call him for all my real estate needs. I don't have any, but Joe looks nice enough.
  • Mutual fund statement. This one did OK for the first quarter, but not nearly as well as the others. It's got a good track record, though, so I'm not distressed.
  • My other mutual fund wants me to send in my proxy statement as there is a change in fund management being voted on. This has been a good fund, but the guys who have been shepherding it for 15 or 20 years just quit, so now I'm not sure what to think. I'll keep it for now & see how the new managers do. I really should vote but since I don't understand what the heck's going on, I'm abstaining & will decide if that money stays with them based on how this shakes out.
  • Geico wants to give me an auto insurance quote.
That's it. More enlightening mail news tomorrow.


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