Wednesday, April 05, 2006

In the Mailbag

No, this is not where I answer reader letters, mostly because no one has written me letters. This is where I look at my mail and tell you what I got.

First, credit cards. No new offers, exactly, but American Express wants me to take on additional Blue credit cards and hand them out to my family members to do with as they please, including, according to them, my daughter for a haircut, my spouse to buy dinner for the kids (I guess I don't eat), or the nanny to pick up diapers.

Huh? As Mr. T would say, I pity the fool that decides to get additional cards and hand them out to family members (and the nanny for God's sake!) as if they are toy poker chips. Say goodbye to your money and hello to bankruptcy court.

In other mail news, I received a bill from my accountant for doing my taxes. He's a pro, and does a good job (I think, really I only know that I haven't been audited yet, who knows otherwise, he could be robbing me blind). But the bill is high--thus my previous rant about taxes (and legal proceedings) becoming too complicated for anyone to do anything themselves any more, forcing us to pay others for what should be transparent exercises. OK, off the soapbox...

I got a little flyer with an ad for a ClearVue antenna booster that you simply plug into your TV or stereo for a crisper TV picture or better FM reception. Only $29.95. I'm always amazed when I get ads like this -- it looks like a product from 1975. No thanks.

I also got the Major League Baseball Spring Catalog, actually two of them for whatever reason. I love baseball, but I don't like to buy too many pro sports paraphernalia--as much I love watching the games, it's hard to let go of the fact that they are grossly overpaid. On the other hand, I'd hate to see my Cleveland Indians pack up and leave the way the Browns did a few years back. By the way, the White Sox just scored two in the sixth to go up on the Tribe 3-2. Cliff Lee had been pitching pretty well up until then. Indians have wasted a number of scoring opportunities.

What else... Ad from a furniture store, letter about my kid's 529 plan (which you should get one of if you have kids), local radio station promo, and a catalog for office furniture from Topdeq. Despite my annoyance at the spelling of Topdeq, it looks like decent stuff. I might take a closer look -- I don't need anything, but I like office furniture for some reason.

Until tomorrow...


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