Friday, March 31, 2006

Today's Mail 3/31/06

It's getting embarrassing. This blog was supposed to be about my credit card offers, and I haven't gotten one since Tuesday. Oh, well. We might have to re-think this.

Nevertheless, I did get other mail you'll no doubt be interested in:
  • Homerun Stock Alert newsletter. Don't know this company, won't be reading this, but thanks anyway.
  • Flyer from a local painter.
  • Sierra Trading Post catalog. Ordered some sandals from them online last year, and you know what happens once you actually place an order.
  • Garnet Hill catalog. Bought something for my significant other from this one, based on her request for something from it. I'd never heard of them myself, but now I'm on the list...
Also got a 9-volt battery from my mortgage company -- a reminder to change the batteries in my smoke detectors. That's a pretty good one, perhaps the best piece of marketing I've gotten this week.

Be well, enjoy your weekend, spend some money (I know you're on a budget, but don't totally deprive yourself, OK?).


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