Thursday, March 30, 2006

Today's Mail 3/30/06

For the third straight day, no credit card offers, which is sort of killing the theme of the site. Maybe people don't really get as many credit solicitations as they think they do.

I did get some mail, though:

A local furniture store is going out of business and wants to give me first dibs on buying their remaining stock at cut rates. I'm always tempted by these kinds of offers, but in my head know that I don't need any furniture.

CVS Pharmacy will give me a free $25 CVS gift card if I fill a prescription there before April 25th.

COSE wants me as a business owner to join up to get deals on insurance, networking opportunities, etc. As I am no longer a business owner, this holds no appeal.

Finally, my home security company has thoughtfully sent me a note telling me my credit card will be expiring soon & I should give them some new numbers if I want to continue credit card billing. I do, so I will.

Not too exciting today.


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