Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Today's Mail 3/28/06

Well, surprise, surprise, no credit card offers in the mail today. See, it does happen sometimes.

Let's see what I did get.

Got the weekly circulars from the supermarkets and such. Finger Lickin' Feasts coupons from KFC, Pizza Hut, some satellite dish providers, Marc's ("Hip Hoppin' Deals" including Coke 12-packs 4 for $10 this week plus Easter candy specials), Drug Mart (also with an Easter bunny theme), Elgin Furniture (microfiber sofa & loveseat $899), Arby's (5 for $5.95 special this week), The Original Pizza Pan, Regency Windows (with company founder "Mikey" giving a smling thumbs-up in the ad), cell phone providers and Giant Eagle, which has some buy one get one free offers this week, including Klondike bars, Finesse shampoo, and sweet red California strawberries.

Also got a piece from the ubiquitous Designer Checks. I think these check-printing companies are going the way of film cameras in the next few years, so I hope they're thinking about the next step--manufacturing check cards might be the business to move into.

Got a flyer from our last real estate agent--she's wasting her time, she did a lousy job.

OfficeMax sent some coupons, including $10 off a minimum $20 purchase if I actually venture into one of their stores to buy something. I've got til May 6th; might go for that one.

Shell Energy wants me to buy my natural gas from them. I really do need to look into how this natural gas stuff works, it's killer to pay those bills.

Finally, a catalog from Hershey's -- I bought someone a gift from their Web site a year and a half ago.

That's a lot of stuff. Anyone who thinks mail delivery is on its way out is crazy.


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