Friday, April 07, 2006

Old Navy Gift Cards and Retirement Account Statement

No credit card offers in the mail today.

However, I did receive $100 worth of Old Navy gift cards thanks to my Chase Flexible Rewards credit card. I'm actually going to drop this card because I rarely use it anymore, so I decided to cash out my rewards and get some new clothes for the summer. Old Navy stuff doesn't last very long, but you can get a ton of stuff for $100, and I decided to go for quantity over quality.

I also got a statement from one of my retirement accounts--it went up 10% in the first quarter! Awesome. I haven't always been a great investor, but I did manage to find two mutual fund companies that are off the charts in the returns they've delivered. I won't name them because I don't want too much money hitting those funds and screwing it up for me, but I will say they are not household names, and I did my due diligence before picking them. So if you're looking for a mutual fund, look hard at past performance and think long-term--these funds aren't flavor-of-the-month funds. They look at the long-term and they deliver over the long term. There have been times when the markets have been great and my funds have been not-so-great, but they stick to their investment philospohies and it's paid off over and over again. I wish I was as smart as the people who run these funds, because they must be filthy rich themselves, and I am not, at least not so far.

Have a good weekend.


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