Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Back in the New York Groove

That's a Kiss reference in the title if you didn't know. I wrote it on account of I'm posting again after 5 months. Every time I post I promise to get back on a regular schedule and I never follow through on that promise. This time will be different. Really. We've got a new president Obama and when he asks me if I will blog regularly I say to him "Yes I can!" So here goes.

Here are the last 3 credit card offers I got in the mail:

First up is one from National City, a Visa Business credit card. They just got bought out, but they're not gonna let that stop them from clogging my mailbox. Their offer is for me as a small business owner. They want to give me a 0% rate on balance transfer until December 2009 and then an interest rate somewhere between 8.99% and 21.99%. Why not just make it between 0% and 100,000%? There is no balance transfer fee on balances I transfer with the app, and that's actually a pretty good deal. I don't have any balances to transfer, but I do have to give them credit for the offer. They also will let me be part of their "points from National City" program, although they don't offer too many details on it. I'll pass on this offer but thank you National City I mean PNC.

Okey Smokey, next up is American Express with a Blue from American Express offer. Wait, I already have this card! Oh, wait, I see, they're not offering me a new card but want me to add more people to my card. Hee, hee, that ain't happening. I like this line:

"Additional Cards let you be with your favorite people even when you're not, so if a friend wants to pick up dinner or a family member is away on a ski trip, you can still provide for your loved ones with Blue."

Yeeeeaaaa, I'm almost going to put my friends on my card so they can buy dinner when I'm not around. Just what I've always wanted, the ability to live vicariously through others via my credit card bill. No thanks Amex but thanks for the funny stuff. (Or the funny stuff you're smoking, can I get some?)

I think this next one is for real a card offer from Amex... yep, it's the Business Platinum Card from American Express. It says I could get hold of some of the "pride that comes from carrying a Business Card recognized the world over for its power and prestige." If I get this card I'm going to be like freaking James Bond, man. I've been over this before. I'm not much of a traveler, and travel benefits are the only upside I see to a card with a hefty price tag like this one has ---$450. I could buy a Wii for less than that and maybe a game or two.

One other note: Chase sent me a letter telling me about changes to the terms & conditions on my account. They are: Overdraft Advance APR is 20.99% (prime + 15.99%), Cash Advance APR is also the same 20.99%, and the default rate is (prime rate + up to 26.99%), topping out at 29.99%. I don't know what an Overdraft Advance APR is exactly, but I hope I never get one that's for sure.

All right. I promise to post again soon. Maybe even in 2008!