Tuesday, September 05, 2006

6 Capital Ones, 6 American Express, 2 Discover, 1 Local/MBNA, 1 Advanta, 1 Wells Fargo, 1 First Equity

So I'm supposed to chronicle my credit card offers and I've fallen way behind, so I'm chucking the whole stack. I'm not going to bother even opening these; I'll just start over with whatever I get next. But in looking at my stack, it is interesting to see Capital One and American Express tied for the lead in terms of who sends me the most stuff. I have no Capital One cards, so it makes sense they'd pursue me, but I have a Blue card from Amex and they've obviously decided I would benefit from even more.

Discover didn't send too much, and I have none of their cards, so I would expect more than I get.

I have a lot of Chase & Citi cards, so it's not surprising that they've stopped soliciting me (other than Chase's constant "convenience checks").

Bank of America/MBNA sends me very little--in fact, the only one I got in the recent past is actually my local bank marketing an MBNA card with the local bank's brand on it.

I just chucked them all into the trash without shredding a one. If you're a dumpster diver, you could get a lot of credit in my name right now.